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Released on Apr 22 2024


The journey of this blog tells the story of the game of scale. We started from a thorough discussion of the evolution of GPT in 2022, why complex reasoning is the core capability (May 2023), how to do instruction tuning (Jun 2023), and how to deploy the model efficiently (Dec 2023). Now as Llama 3 is released, the community can have a conclusion of the first chapter of the game of scale whose goal is to build GPT-4 level models, and start a new chapter of multimodal models.

💡 Key takes

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Disclaimer: This article is essentially a quick personal research note about future work after reading through the release note of Llama 3. The opinion presented could be different than existing beliefs. I welcome any criticisms and contradictory opinions. You can either directly comment on this document, message me on X, or send me an email for detailed discussions.

1 - How good is Llama 3?

Pretty good.